‘Green Living Chorley’ started as a Facebook group for like-minded people to share tips and ideas in October 2018. We (Rachelle & Emma) had previously met in The Shed, and discussed the idea over a lovely gin cocktail.

We decided that it would be a great place to inspire other local people to make some small, sustainable changes. In March 2019 we hosted our first meet-up, there were only 6 of us in total but the community feeling was there. We were six people that were going to make some changes!

In May we moved our meetings to Woodchats Coffee Shop & lo and behold we nearly filled the room. We were so elated to see that our little group was gaining popularity. People were engaging a lot more on the group, lots of people were sharing ideas and resources, it felt like our little eco-project was gaining some momentum.

We decided to host the meetings every month, since then we have branched out into guest speakers on different themes, we have organised fundraising stalls at local events and we have applied for funding for bigger projects.

We hope that with our regular meetings and fundraising efforts we will be able to finance some ‘green’ projects in the Chorley area. We are open to ideas so please use the contact form to get in touch with us.

We still use the Facebook group but we are mindful that not everyone has a social media account so that is why we have created this website. We hope that everyone with an internet connection can benefit from the content here. We also have a forum where people can chat with each other and share their tips and ideas.

We really hope that you can be inspired by this little space we have created online. If you haven’t already, please feel free to come to one of our meet-ups 🙂 I may be biased but we are a lovely bunch!

Rachelle & Emma’s life stories coming soon 😉