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GROW is a new project that encourages community resilience. Still very much in its seedling idea stage we invite you to join this meeting and help to shape the future of this project.
Lancashire will be used as a pilot area, with many of the county’s ‘green’ movers and shakers getting involved to strengthen our community spirit at a time when many are more divided and isolated than ever.

In the focus group we will share the vision of the project, invite constructive feedback and start to get the wheels in motion πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ’š

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‘For many reasons, many of us see our planet is heading towards a situation that we are uncomfortable with.
Over years and years, the way that we live has changed beyond recognition. We have moved further and further away from a natural way of living.
Living off and working on the land in a tight-knit cohesive community and living a simple, slower pace of life was once the norm.
These days for many people, this type of lifestyle is more likely to be seen as slightly eccentric!
Gradually, we have become a serviced society, with everything we need, literally, at our fingertips.
Everything is effortless in comparison to the blood sweat and tears our forefathers put in before us.
In many ways, this is a truly spectacular development in terms of what the human species can create.
Unfortunately, this has come at a cost.
Most of the time, our food comes from miles and miles around the globe, we don’t know our neighbours any more and we have become almost fully dependent on external agencies, governments and delivery systems. Without these, in many cases, we would struggle to meet some of our most basic needs.
As we have seen, the world can grind to a halt in the blink of an eye.
Who would have ever thought that our whole planet could be locked down so quickly?
Never have we seen anything like this before, in the whole of history as we know it.
Whilst it certainly feels like a crisis, it is also a great opportunity to implement change- from a place of passion and might.
We all want our lives to be enjoyable and we currently have a chance to tip the scales as a collective in the midst of the chaos.
The old ‘normal’ wasn’t working, so whilst we are in this weird and wonderful ‘no man’s land’, let’s take this void and start to consider what a perfect and sustainable future might look like for us.
We really are all in this together, the times ahead may be challenging,
but opportunities rise from limitations and I foresee amazing changes being created by our communities coming together and moving- as one collective, like never before.
There are some things we cannot control in our lives, but there are so many things that we CAN- for us, our people and our planet!!!
All of us want safe, happy, connected, nourished and worry-free lives.
We the people hold the power, and it is now our responsibility to take it.’
-Dawn Samples, founder of GROW

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