Chorley is a fantastic market town with great community spirit, lots of independent traders and a population that really wants to see the town flourish. We hope to inspire you to make some simple changes in your workplace with the tips below. Feel free to share how your business is going green in our Facebook group ‘Green Living Chorley’. If you are interested we are looking to work with local businesses to make Chorley a ‘Plastic-Free Community’.
By going green you help to save the planet’s precious resources, reduce the waste going to landfill and preserve the surroundings for the next generation…

1) Avoid single-use plastics. Vegware is great for takeaway packaging as it is compostable. If you have a smaller team encourage people to bring their own water bottles and buy a tap water filter instead of bottled water.

2) Stop offering plastic straws. Paper straws are much better for the environment or encourage people to use reusable straws made from bamboo or metal.

3) Use a green energy supplier.

4) Swap all lighting for energy-efficient LED lightbulbs

5) Reuse as much packaging as you can, give away any excess for craft projects or gardening. Many schools or community groups are looking for craft materials.

6) Go paperless in the office. Back up everything digitally, don’t print out unnecessary documents and use online accounting software.

7) Pledge a date to be plastic-free! We are working towards becoming a Plastic-Free Community in Chorley to protect our rivers, woodlands and surroundings.

8) Have green incentives at your workplace such as discounted drinks if people bring reusable cups, free repairs on electricals, loyalty bonuses etc, Make it relevant to your business to set you apart from competitors.

9) Team up with Terracycle and your favourite local charity and raise money from collecting rubbish!

10) Swap your loo roll to ‘Who Gives A Crap’ paper who build toilets in Africa with the profits. It works out cheaper too!

11) Gather your team and have a community project day where you all volunteer at a local project instead of being stuck in the office.

12) Source your shop fixtures and fitting secondhand if you can, even better if you upcycle and repurpose items.

13) Change all your computer search engines to Ecosia, they plant trees when you use them to search online.

14) Stop printing unnecessary receipts as most people just end up throwing them in the bin. There are software packages that offer an email receipt now rather than a printed one.

15) Use eco-friendly cleaning products or if you have a big building or warehouse hire a cleaning company that prides themselves on being eco-friendly.

16) Get involved with your local community projects whether that be sponsorship, hosting a fundraising day, running a competition or simply promoting their activities on your social media.

17) Instead of postal marketing or leaflets use the money to invest in digital advertising. Texts and e-mails are much cheaper and don’t use any trees in the process! If you must send out paper marketing, use recycled paper and encourage the recipient to recycle after use.

18) For business cards, get a stamp made with your company details & use on scrap paper. This is thrifty & will get you noticed!

19) If your company gives out promotional tools or freebies make them as ethical as possible. Cheap, branded pens/bottles/balloons are rarely used and end up in landfill. Think about seed bombs, recycled pencils or donate to an environmental charity instead.

20) Use refillable items where you can: hand soap, washing up liquid, ink pens, printer cartridges etc.

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